Awesome Avocados!

Here at Herbsea, we just love eating a hearty and healthy diet bursting with numerous fruits and vegetables, and we like to take the opportunity to re-connect you with some flexible favorites.

Currently, we are simply mad about avocados. And we aren’t the only ones – guacamole has rocketed up the healthy-and-tasty snack dip charts – and the major ingredient is the sublime creamy interior of the avocado fruit (yes, although not sweet, avocado is a fruit with a handsome huge wood-like pit). Americans are eating guacamole like never before.

Avocados are native to central and South America, particularly Mexico, where they grow abundantly and all year, as opposed to just seasonally. A few states have climates that are not hostile to avocado growth.

Throughout any grocery store you will see “avocados” and “Hass avocados.” Hass is not merely a brand name, it is the name given to a hybrid – it is a successful “mash up” of the Criollo avocado with the Patron avocado. Hass produces avocados rather vigorously, and the taste and texture are found to be highly appealing. In addition, Hass is economical, one acre may produce approximately 10 tons. That’s a lot of guacamole!

Another reason we just adore avocados – they are the only fruit that contains the healthy fat – monounsaturated fat – so good for the heart!

According to, avocados are very nutrient dense, they provide high amounts of a variety of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, and it can help increase absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

It can be diced and added to salads, sliced and added to sandwiches and burgers, blended with protein powders or other fruits for a fruit pudding, and serve as a natural, edible “dish” for other fruits when halved and the pit scooped out.

Sergio Cordon, Avocado Commodity Manager for Robinson Fresh, has seen the trend for all-things-avocado grow as consumers enjoy the taste, versatility and nutrition this rather unappealing-looking fruit bestows. He writes, ““New products continue to emerge with the use of avocados. Beyond the primary fruit, there has also been a movement to utilize the pits for foods and oils. We are seeing different presentations of avocados in many value-added products. From guacamole to ice cream, from flavored beverages to seasoning for chips, many innovative products now feature avocado flavors.”

He adds, “There are many creative ways to use avocados daily, and their versatility has helped increase mainstream acceptance. The outlook for avocado consumption seems positive and will likely continue to grow.”

Visit for a host of healthy and tasty recipes.

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