Healthy Ideas for 20-Somethings

It used to be that young adults in their 20s never really thought about their health, and just went about their lives eating junk foods as they scurried from work time to play time, and trying to get married.

But modern 20-somethings have been brought up to mind their diets, at the very least. This is a great place to start. If you are in your 20s, or are parents to 20-somethings, here’s what you need to know to get into outstanding shape – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Starting with diet, many in their 20s who graduated from college find that a few extra pounds have crept in. But eating a healthy diet reduces risk of developing heart disease and other chronic health issues such as diabetes type II later in life.

Eliminate those convenience processed foods (no more convenience store fare while your car is getting filled with gas), no more chain restaurant fare (processed, loaded with chemicals), and of course, no more junk food (middle aisles of the supermarket).

Instead, load up on a bounty of colorful fruits and vegetables (fiber and antioxidants), whole grains, spices and herbs (for flavor), lean proteins and low- or nonfat dairy products. Good news: there are hundreds of recipe sites and apps to teach you to make these delicious and interesting. In your 20s, you want to ensure you have optimal amounts of protein, potassium, omega 3 EFAs, and calcium and folic acid (especially for women).

Exercise without going crazy. You don’t need to spend two to three hours in the gym every day, pumping iron. Walk, lift weights moderately – move.

If you smoke, stop. Cold turkey, say doctors, is the most effective way of quitting for good. No props (nicotine patches) or substitutes (gum or food). Vaping is unacceptable, as it is only an expensive substitution that still supplies some nicotine.

Those 20-somethings who enjoy “partying” with excessive alcohol (leftover from college) should curtail dramatically. No more than two drinks per day.

Get on a regular sleep schedule and adhere to it. Studies show that regular, healthy sleep (six to eight hours) promotes good health, weight and mood. In tandem, learn good stress management techniques now: unbridled stress leads to a host of health issues, such as high blood pressure, overeating, anxiety, insomnia.

Use sun protection (SPF) moisturizers and wear good sunglasses. Blocking dangerous sun rays preserves healthy skin and eyesight (sun damage in eyes is a causative factor for development of cataracts).

Finally, do not be afraid of doctor visits, in fact, see specialists regularly to ensure sound health for your future decades, especially if you have a family history of early onset diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke, and/or dementia. Get a checkup every two years, and regular eye exams. Men in their 20s should get testicular exams and women should get regular gynecological exams and develop solid pre-natal care habits.

In addition, all men and women in their 20s should supplement with products such as Herbsea’s Fucosea. This supplement is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, omega 3 EFAs, protein, fiber and antioxidants. It is a wholesome daily support that provides you with an effective platform for all other health-promoting activities.

If you are in your 20s, we would love to know your favorite healthy habits for a future blog! Email us at info[at] today!

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