8 Healthy Summertime Habits

The official start of summer is next week, June 21, and we are very excited, as we are sure you are too! However, due to the depleted ozone layer and the rise of stress, summer can bring with it some dangers.

Here are eight healthy habits that will help you and your family enjoy summer, safely.

  1. Beat the heat and exercise by working out in water! Swimming, moving in water burns calories and primes muscles.
  2. Everything is ripening – so make farmers’ markets a regular trip and challenge yourself to create new recipes. By adding carotenoid-rich colors of the rainbow (fruits and vegetables), to your daily meals, you will keep your GI tract healthy as well as your immune system.
  3. In the “dog days” of summer – when it is truly too sizzling and humid to be outdoors, take the exercise indoors by walking through malls, museums, and other fun spots, or tune the TV to a fitness video and work out in the comfy AC.
  4. Hydrate with water, not sugar-laden drinks – and that includes fruit juices. When it is hot and humid, you sweat, losing water. Carry water bottles around and keep sipping; refill them constantly. Dehydration can become severe.
  5. Sunscreen – at all times. That depleted ozone layer no longer affords the protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays emanating from the sun, which hit the skin more potently than ever. We also love to use aloe from a freshly picked aloe leaf to massage into skin after a day in the sun. It soothes and it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  6. Equally, wear those shades. Sunglasses help protect against development of cataracts, macular degeneration and even skin cancer on the eyelids.
  7. If you are lakeside or hiking in the woods or mountains, pest repellent is important. Nobody likes bites from hungry mosquitoes, and now that we know some of those “skeeters” carry their own diseases such as Zika that they inject into humans, using insect repellent is more critical.
  8. Perhaps most important – take nutrient- and antioxidant-rich Fucosea and related supplements from the Herbsea family of health products. Fucosea is a foremost supplement containing numerous nutrients found in sea plants, including omega-3 EFAs.

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