How Fucosea Can Help Minimize Cravings

Cravings can damage a diet and impair weight loss because they are so powerful, and therefore hard to resist. So, we give in. If we don’t, the cravings become more frequent and more intense. But did you know that your cravings are also telling you something?

Sweet: Craving desserts and other sugary foods signifies sadness or depression; sweets are immediately uplifting and comforting. St. Clair explains that the sugar tells your brain to release the feel-good neurohormone, serotonin. The problem? The inevitable “crash” feeling, often back to the same sad level or lower than you were before. Fruits are a good way to satisfy sweet cravings, as they provide fiber and antioxidants and will not cause the crash. When feeling blue – get out into some sunlight, and exercise. Breathe in fresh air with deep breaths.

Salty: The pretzels and chips reign supreme here – especially when you are stressed out, and do not have enough minerals in your body. (Fucosea offers attractive doses of several minerals derived naturally from sea plants). For example, when those visions of Doritos hit, you may need more sodium and the trace minerals that are in salt. WE do not suggest suddenly adding typical processed table salt, instead use minimally processed salts such as pink salt (Himalayan sea salt). Drink lots of water in order to keep up your electrolytes, which help cells uptake water they need. Take Fucosea, and/or eat delicious seaweeds such as nori.

Fried Foods: Deep-fried anything, French fries – if these are what you crave, you may be requiring good fats (such as omega 3 EPA and DHA, found in Fucosoea). Did you know, points out Marra, that imbibing too much alcohol can cause fried food cravings? Use healthy cooking oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil. Eat fish and seafoods that contain omega 3 EFAs.

Red Meat: If you suddenly find yourself salivating over the thought of a burger or a steak or beef, this means that your body is desiring more iron; a low level of iron will also make you feel a little lethargic. Lean red meat (and let’s go with grass-fed, organic) also packs a powerful protein punch, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, eat spinach because it does contain iron, and also take Fucosea.

Bad Carbs: The junk foods, the white breads, the potatos, the macaroni and pastas, all these are empty calories and only serve to spike your blood sugar. In fact, just like sugars, you can feel that crash often afterwards. But, carbs are necessary in the diet as they can be a sustainable energy source. So, eat complex carbs, such as cruciferous vegetables. You will find that you crave the bad carbs a lot less. Women often crave the carbs when their hormonal cycles are in the luteal phase; this is not abnormal.

No matter the craving, Fucosea daily can dramatically help curtail them both in incidence and in intensity. It’s like a multivitamin and mineral from the sea, providing your body with what it needs to remain in balance, along with a reasonably healthy diet.

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