Magnesium to the Mood Rescue!

So many people deal with mood instability, and long periods of low mood – “the blues.” And, this can be despite the fact that they have reasonably healthy lifestyles. Consider that 350 million people globally actually have depression (a disease), and adding people who have mood fluctuations without depression is many millions more than that.

The good news is that a common mineral – magnesium – has been found to be effective for addressing symptoms of low mood and even depression.

Researchers at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont conducted a clinical trial of over-the-counter oral magnesium tablets for mild-to-moderate depression. Their results showed that magnesium is safe and effective and comparable to prescription SSRI treatments in effectiveness. According to the study authors, magnesium is critical for heart rhythm, blood pressure, bone strength and inflammation control; and although it has been shown to have an impact on depression, only a few clinical trials have explored its efficacy.

The researchers conducted an open-label, blocked, randomized cross-over trial involving 126 adults in outpatient primary care clinics. The study participants reported that they were currently experiencing mild-to-moderate depression; the group had a mean age of 52, with 38% male, and 62% female.

Participants in the active arm of the study received 248 milligrams of elemental magnesium per day over six weeks, while those in the control group consumed placebo. Depression symptom assessments were conducted on all participants on a bi-weekly basis.

The study team found that in 112 participants with analyzable data, consumption of magnesium chloride for six weeks resulted in a clinically significant improvement in measures of depression and anxiety symptoms. In addition, these positive effects were shown quickly, at two weeks, and the supplements were well tolerated and similarly effective regardless of age, sex, or use of antidepressants, among other factors.

“This is the first randomized clinical trial looking at the effect of magnesium supplementation on symptoms of depression in U.S. adults,” says lead author Emily Tarleton, MS. “The results are very encouraging, given the great need for additional treatment options for depression, and our finding that magnesium supplementation provides a safe, fast and inexpensive approach to controlling depressive symptoms.”

Tarleton added that the conclusion of this study is that over-the-counter magnesium appears safe and effective to treat mild to moderate depression, and the next step is to see if their promising results can be replicated in a larger, more diverse population. The study by Tarleton, et al was published in PLoS One.

But there’s more that you can do if you or someone you love finds that low mood is becoming an issue. Take Fucosea daily along with magnesium to support memory, energy recovery and enhance physical endurance. Consider that low mood directly affects physical energy by draining it, as well as affects rapid retrieval of memory, Fucosea makes great sense as a companion to magnesium to support increased pleasant mood and sustaining pleasant, healthy mood.

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